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sex doll torso
66cm F Cup Big Breasted Sex Doll Torso
(4 customer reviews)
Sex Doll Sizes
Inch / CM
66cm / 2.16ft
74cm / 29.13in
Bra Size:
50cm / 19.68in
82cm / 32.28in
Oral Depth:
12cm / 4.72in
Vagina Depth:
17cm / 6.69in
Anus Depth:
15cm / 5.90in
Net Weight:
14kg / 30.86lbs
Please note:
When purchasing, you can choose the following configuration
*Eye Color
You can choose these eye colors, or choose "Same as Images"
You can choose these wig colors, or choose "Same as Images"
Options amount
$ 00.00
Final total
$ 872.00
SKU code:T06001
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Return and refund policy: If your payment is successful, if you cancel the order within 2 hours, we need to charge a 5% handling fee as the platform cancellation fee; if you cancel after 2 hours, that is, after the factory starts production, you need to deduct 50 %cost of. If the sex doll has been made, in principle, no refund will be accepted. For special reasons, please contact us by email.
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Made of medical silica gel and TPE material, durable.
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We assure you that there is no need to increase tariffs and other fees after payment, please rest assured to buy.
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66cm Love Doll Torso


1. Although this sex doll torso is small and exquisite, it fully meets people's needs for sex.

2. If you want to use it for a longer time, remember to clean it up after use. Take good care of it at ordinary times.

3. If you are afraid of being seen by others, I believe this torso doll can be easily concealed in any place.

The following products are all accessories, we will send them together in the express package. The following accessories are only suitable for full-size dolls over 100cm/3ft3in. If you purchased the torso of a sex doll, the following accessories are not included.
Accessory: Wig, Underwear, Blanket, Comb, Irrigator,Heater.
Discreet Packaging
Order information is encrypted. Confidential parcel shipment. No product details on the parcel
1.High-Strenght Carton
2.Foam Damper
3.Sex Doll
4.Head / Wig / Gifts
6.Final Packaging
Dolls Certificates
Every doll we produce has a legal CE, RoHS, FDA certificate
(4 customer reviews)

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Bob - United Kingdom
July 16, 2021
One of the Best Priced Love Dolls Out!
Laura is one of the big breasted love dolls on the sex doll market now. Her size is 163cm, big breasts, H cup and huge buttocks. Such a perfect female image is a sexual object that any man wants to have. sweetlovedoll sex dolls and reality promise to turn your shy winter night or summer night into a passionate moment. The doll is made by a big woman and is very thick. The simulation doll contains full-body sensory chains, metal muscles, strong joints and 3 simulated female voices, which truly replicate any physical features, including skin, sexual posture, etc.
E-Cup Sex Doll Torso–Fast Delivery Stocking in the United States
Bob - United Kingdom
July 16, 2021
The best sex doll ever
Because of personal hobbies, I bought a few sex dolls. But this doll is beyond my imagination. I have never had a sex doll that feels so realistic

Japan's Most Popular Uniform Temptation Doll
Bob - United Kingdom
July 16, 2021
Very real sex doll
My friend recommended this website to me after buying a sex doll here. This is my first time buying a sex doll. It is very real and very similar to the picture. Buyers also gave me many gifts.

140cm J Cup European Big Butt Sex Doll
Bob - United Kingdom
July 16, 2021
Favorite Clothes, And Switch Between
It's a real feeling . Bring her hair and put on myfavorite clothes and switch between different clothesroles . between different roles different rolesbetween between roles between betweendifferent favorite clothes . and switch between differentdifferent favorite clothes different clothesroles . between different roles different rolesbetween between roles between betweendifferent favorite clothes . and switch between differentdifferent favorite clothes
171cm American big boobs and booty BBW sex doll Dorsey
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