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About payment
Bank transfer

If you choose bank transfer, the system will notify you of your bank account information by automatic reply email to confirm your order. When making a bank transfer, it will be a savings account .

Credit card payment

It will be billed by the settlement agency.

Accepted credit cards are VISA, JCB and AMEX.

Please note that we can only accept lump sum payments at this time.

> Please use the card in your name.

> The credit card number will not be passed to the store.

> We may ask you to confirm your identity when ordering (email confirmation, etc.).

> Please note that depending on the type of credit card, consumers may be charged a fee when paying with an international credit card.

> When paying by credit card, the monthly deadline and payment date vary by credit card company.

> If you have any questions about the withdrawal date, please contact your credit card company.

Reasons for credit card payment failure

① When a credit card

When the billing address and shipping address are different. Since it is an expensive product, if your billing address and shipping address do not match when you use a credit card, you May not be able to pay. Please contact your credit card company.

② The target credit card may not be available.

Due to the purchaser's personal reasons, the card may have expired or may no longer be available.

③ The card number of the target credit card may be wrong.

Regarding credit cards, the following arrangements are made in accordance with global standards.

> VISA: 16 digits, the first number is 4.

> MasterCard: 16 digits, the first number is 5.

> JCB: 16 digits, the first number is 3.

> American Express: 15 digits, the first number is 3.

Therefore, if the first number of each brand is not the above number, this error message will be displayed.


> If you have another credit card, please continue to use that card number to make purchases.

> If you do not have another credit card, please use a payment method other than a credit card to make the purchase.

> You can use PayPal or Western Union to pay.

> In addition, if you have any questions or requests regarding other payment methods, please contact us via email info@hydoll or online chat Sometimes left the bottom of this website.

International money transfer service to Western Union Bank account

International money transfer service to bank account is fast, safe, easy and convenient. International remittance up to 1 million yen. Funds sent from Western Union® dealers are credited directly to your bank account, making it easy and reliable for recipients to receive funds. Please refer to the URL below for the international remittance service to your bank account. https://www.westernunion.com/JP/en/send-money-to-a-bank-account-jp.html

If you use the money transfer service, we will inform you about your bank account by chat or email. By the way, the transfer fee of 2000 yen will be borne by the customer. After completing the remittance procedure, it would be helpful if you could tell us the remittance management number (MTCN) number. Please be assured that we will contact you as soon as we confirm the remittance.

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